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What if I told you I could save you 25% or 50% on your credit card processing fees?  I'm talking about lowering your credit card fees from the industry average of 2.5% to 1.25%, or to 1.0% or less!

What if I told you most of our commercial and roll-off customers were paying around .75% in credit card fees?


Hi, my name is Eric Von Bergen, and I bet I can save you money on your credit card processing.

Whether you pick up trash for residential, commercial or roll-off, or a combination.

Weíll pay you $50 if we canít.†

Why Can We Save You Money? 

Did you know that Visa, MC and Discover recognize the trash industry as a utility? 

Since the trash industry is recognized as a utility, special programs exist, which a trash company can qualify for, that legitimately allows you to pay credit card fees based on utility rates as opposed to paying standard merchant rates. 

Here is an example of the savings we may be able to offer.††

Let's say your company currently pays 2.5% in credit card fees.  That means for a $500 charge your credit card processing fee will be $12.50  ($500 x 2.5% = $12.50)

Under our program, your company would pay a $0.75 (75 cents) utility rate which is the fee for Visa, MC or Discover.  You will also pay a charge from the processing bank equivalent to a fee of 0.002 multiplied by the total charge amount ($500 x 0.002 = $1.00).

So the same $500 charge will cost your company only $1.75  ($0.75 + $1.00 = $1.75).  This rate is actually expressed as 0.0035 or 1/3 of 1%.

Current Credit Card fees on a $500 charge VS. Our Credit Card fees on a $500 charge
$12.50   $1.75
A total savings of $10.75 per charge on this hypothetical exmple

For an actual comparison, please contact us to find out how much we'd be able to save your company.  We'll be glad to do an apples to apples comparison and show you just how much we'd save you!

You can call me directly at 1-410-871-1740.  Or call toll free at 1-888-408-3772, push option #1.  


email us for more information.  Send an email to, .  Please list your company name, contact name, office ph#, cell ph#, and best time to call.


Why Work With Us?

In addition to saving you lots of money like in the example listed above, you should work with us because we not only help you locate the utility programs, we help you qualify for them.  There are certain qualifications a company must meet in order to qualify for their application for utility pricing.  We assist in getting you qualified.   We also save our customers money due to volume discount.

Our roots are in the software industry, as such, we have hundreds of customers that we pulled together for leverage from the banks.  You see, the banks are willing to give a company like us that has hundreds of customers, a better rate than a stand alone trash company can get from their bank all by themselves.  So our customers get lower bank rates because of our current leveraging thatís already been established, due to the hundreds of customers we already have.

Lastly, the banking partners we work with, only work in the trash and utility industries.  That means they are the MOST qualified to work on your behalf to get your credit card fees as low as possible.

Payment Types

Let your customers decide the way they want to pay.  Accept a variety of payment methods.  Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, ACH, eChecks, JCB, PIN-less debit and more. More payment method flexibility means the potential for more sales.




Protect your customers. Protect your business.  Our patented tokenization process protects every single transaction. Unlike encryption, our tokens are irreversible ensuring that if a breach ever does occur, your sensitive data is safe.


Our credit card processor is a leading provider of payment processing and technology services that helps more than 50,000 merchants across the U.S., from Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-sized businesses, accepting billions of dollars in card transactions each year. The companyís patented tokenization and gateway solutions make payment acceptance simple, integrated and secure.


If our bank provider doesn't have the lowest overall costs between our utility rates and bank basis points combined, Terra Vista Solutions will mail you a free $50 AMEX gift card, just for comparing.  A current credit card statement might have to be sent to us for verification.


†† Larger volume accounts may achieve an even lower bank rate. Call for details.

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