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Q: Why don't my tickets or statements line up on my Okidata 321 MicroLine?
A: The software requires custom printer drivers in order to print to several custom paper sizes. Please refer to the manual under Setting up Printers.

Q: How do I forecast my customers deliveries?
A: There are several methods to forecast customers, including scheduled deliveries, julian (calendar) days, and the standard degree days system. All customer forecasting set up is done under the Setup Customers form, Product Information tab. Scheduled customers must have a Forecast Type of "S", and julian or degree days must be Forecast Type "A". Then you either specify the schedule or fill in the julian or degree days information. Degree day history must also be predefined under Delivery, Degree Day Entry. For more information please refer to the manual under Setup Customer, About Degree Days, and About Julian Days.

Q: How do I setup metered customers?
A: First you need to tell the system what the customers current meter reading is. You do this by going into Setup Customers, Product Information, and making sure the Metered box is checked. Then fill in the Meter Type and Mtr Reading. The next time you use Sales and Adjustments, fill in the new meter reading for the reference number. This will automatically calculate the units used and update the meter reading.

Q: How often should I export into QuickBooks?
A: The answer really depends on your business. How frequently do you need to have QuickBooks updated with the most recent transactions? Commonly it is one week or one month, this is just to save time during your daily work.

Q: How do I export into QuickBooks?
A: Exporting into QuickBooks is actually a multi-step process involving exporting your current data, then importing the data into QuickBooks. First you go unto Management, then QuickBooks Export, and choose what you would like to export. When exporting it asks you to save the file, make sure you remember the name and location. Then you go into QuickBooks under File, Utilities, Import, Import IIF Files. Here is where you select the file you exported. For more information see the manual under QuickBooks Export.

Q: What causes a System Error 3315 when posting transactions?
A: Do to a flaq in Windows XP the user name registry setting erases itself when you reboot occasionally. To remedy this problem go to Start, Run, type in REGEDIT, and hit OK. Inside click the + next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and click on Volitile Environment below that. On the right side double click on CLIENTNAME and type your computer name (use your name if you do not know it), click OK and close out of REGEDIT. This will resolve the problem.

Q: What causes a System Error 15006 when viewing a customer?
A: When setting up the customer you must hit the Save button after each page.

Q: What causes a System Error 6 when posting a delivery ticket?
A: The customers last delivery date is invalid. Go under Setup Customer then Product Information, and look at the Last Delivery date. Make sure this date is within 2 years of the current date.

Q: How do I backup my database?
A: The program stores a database file ending in .wfl on your computer. By default it is located in My Documents but it could be located elsewhere if a different location was selected when the database was created. You may use any standard backup software (EZ-CD Creator, Nero Burning ROM, Windows Backup) to back up the file however you may not be in the software while backing up.

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