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Q: How do I set up a new customer?
A: All customers are set up under the Customers form (located under File, Customers). To create a new customer simply hit new and fill out the information. For more detailed instructions look in the manual under Customers.

Q: What do I need to setup before entering Customers?
A: The only required items to set up are customer groups (located under File, Codes, Groups). However to use the system to its full capacity you must set up Containers, Routes, Taxes, Charge Codes, and Late Fees. For more detailed instructions look in the manual under Billing Groups and Getting Started.

Q: How often should I post my journal?
A: Journals are made to reproduce the log books used before computer systems were used. Commonly users would record a days worth of work and post that information. You can do this as well by printing and posting your journal once a day, or every few days if you desired. However, you must post your journal before billing. For more detailed instructions look in the manual under Journal.

Q: What kind of printer can I use?
A: The system will support any standard Windows compatible printer, however if you want to print on the custom sized forms (postcards, 7" invoices) you must you an Okidata ML321 Turbo.

Q: Can I unbill my customers if I billed by accident?
A: In version 5.0 the Unbill Groups feature was introduced. By going under Tools, Unbill Groups you may select a group and click Unbill. This will revert the group to before they were billed.

Q: How do I backup my database?
A: The program stores a database file ending in .rdb on your computer. By default it is located in C:Program FilesQuickTrash but it could be located elsewhere if a different location was selected when the database was created. You may use any standard backup software (EZ-CD Creator, Nero Burning ROM, Windows Backup) to back up the file however you may not be in the software while backing up.

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