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  • April 30, 2010 - TerraOIL 6.98 has been released!
  • May 15, 2009 - TerraGAS 6.97 has been released!
  • June 3rd, 2008 - TerraGAS 6.96 has been released!



TerraGAS Version 6.98 - Released April 30, 2010

List of Fixes

  • MOD#1153 - Sales And Adjustments - The 'Sub Total' field is now editable. (Allows adjustment of the Sub total

    based on the user's rounding preference). Adjusting the subtotal when there's tax, brings up the

    "Change taxes" form with the newly calculated tax for the new subtotal. frmSaleAdjustment, clsTransaction

    MOD#1152 - POS Invoices - The following changes have been made:

    Printing the POS invoices now uses the invoice format from "Invoice Setup" to print the appropriate

    Invoice format on the appropriate printer. (Laser Pinter->rptModInvoiceLaser, Oki->rptFrmInvLong2000)

    The txtSalespersonID and all it's references have been removed from rptModInvoiceLaser

    MOD#1151 - Customer Setup - The site tab has a combo box that displays all the site street addresses for the billing

    account and it's subaccounts. Selecting from the drop down list of street addresses, will load the

    corresponding account in the same way that the site customer ID combo box is used to view subaccounts.

    MOD#1150 - Invoices - The Stock Paper format Invoices didnt show the reference numbers for Invoices with multiple

    transactions. The pre-printed format however did. The form has been modified to show the reference

    numbers for each corresponding invoice. rptModInvoiceLaser

    MOD#1125 - continued .. Neptune Tickets - Based on request of client the font size for the Unit Rate field has

    been increased to Utility 10cpi ,11 rptTicketNeptune321Turbo

    MOD#1143 continued - Customer List Report w/Delivery option. GetBalance() now checks fo NULL balances and

    substitues zero to prevent error.

    MOD#1149 - Collections - Fixed anomoly when attempting to start a NEW collection. Changed the NEW button to

    No Graphics. frmCollectionInfo

    MOD#1148 - Batch List Reports gives option for printing Portrait or Landscape

    MOD#1125 - continued .. Neptune Tickets - Courier10cpi, 9 was too slow at printing so changed to Utility 10cpi ,10


    MOD#1125 - continued .. Neptune Tickets - Based on request of client the font size in the Ticket Form has been

    increased to (Courier10cpi, 9) was too slow at printing so changed to Utility 10cpi ,10


    Liquid Ticket Form had "Courier New" for the Deliv Address, billing address and Deliv Hist while the

    rest of the form had Courier10cpi. The client claims that the Courier New font is coming out bold so I've

    changed all the fonts to Courier10cpi. rptTicketLiquidNew

    Fix for Contracts:

    Generating forecast tickets would produce tickets with the unit price of their expired contracts


    MOD#1147 - "Inactive Accounts" report brings back incorrect results and ignores the date range. The logic for

    having a date range is beyond me. Changing the functionality to bring back all accounts whose

    "last delivery" was before the date entered. rptInactiveAccounts, frmReportInactivity

    MOD#1123 - continued .. Pre printed Invoices (7" inv/stmt, tax) - Modified the Aging amounts at the bottom of the

    form by moving them up about 1/4 inch. (Foley Furnace) rptFrmInvStmtShort321Turbo

    MOD#1146 - Midcom Tickets - Based on request of client the font size in the Midcom Ticket Form has been increased


    MOD#1145 - "Bulk Rate Postcards" now display the Budget Amt and description for an acct that has a budget set up.

    MOD - The Liquid Ticket form's alignment was off and printed an extra page. Modified rptTicketLiquidNew and

    changed properties of the subforms so they cant grow or auto resize.

    MOD - Bulk Rate Postcards were fine tuned to fit the pre-printed postcard forms better. (Adam's LP) Font Size

    was reduced to 9 pts. rptStmtResCard321Turbo

    MOD#1144 - G/L Export to Quick Books Functionality - Transactions produce error

    MOD - Ticket Batch reports defaulted to the Microline Printer which produced undesirable effects. It has been' changed to print to the "Default Printer" instead.

    rptTransactionBatchByName2000, rptTransactionBatchByTicketNum, rptTransactionBatchByTicketID2000

    MOD#1143 - Customer List Report w/Delivery option showed the last statement bal instead of the current balance.

    MOD#1142 - Customer Setup - The cursor automatically goes to the lookup text field upon opening the form.

    MOD#1141 - Time Delimited Functionality.

    MOD#1140 - The leap year broke the forecasting functionality and caused errors when generating forecast list for 09.

    RayS - Fix for Contracts:

    Form_frmCutomerContract. Sub init -Disable controls when contract terms are over. So user can see but must

    start new contract to continue. basTicketControl_CreateTransBatchEntry - Keep price user accepted from contract pricing or overwrote with special price.

    RayS - Fix for Contracts:

    basTransCalculations. Function AddToContractUsed( … ) - Update units used. Changed to calc from all saved in tblTransactionContract Form_frmCutomerContract. Private Sub ComputePurchased() - Check and correct tblCustomerContract with sum of this contract's purchases from tblTransactionContract

    MOD#1127 - The Stock Paper Long Statement w/detail option would print incorrect balance in multi page instances.


    MOD#1126 - 3315 Error and consequent loss of the client name in the registry, which leads to unposted batch

    disappearing from view.

    MOD#1125 - Ticket Form Neptune's font has been changed to "Courier New 10" from "Utility 12" per Musco Fuel's request


TerraGAS Version 6.97 - Released May 15th, 2009

List of Fixes

  • SA_QB - QuickBooks Export - The fix for the QB export is in basQuickBooks->Sub ExportTransactions().

    MOD#1176 - Ticket Form "G" Generic - Created a new checkbox in frmReportTicketSetup that when checked will show the Remaining contract units (providing that the acct# has a valid contract).

    MOD#1175 - Contracts - In cases when the qty purchased exceeded the remaining contract units, the "IsValidContract"

    function incorrectly set the status to "Exhausted" and forced a zero price for the transaction. This in

    turn placed a zero for unit price on the ticket. The function has been modified to ignore the qty and only judge

    contract status by the remaining contract units. In cases where qty purchased exceeded the remaining contract units, a messagebox will pop up asking if the contract price should be extended for the amount over the remaining units or else two tickets need to be created.

    MOD#1168 (continued) - The search in customer setup uses (loops thru) the resultset and not all clients. This change requires that only 1 form at a time can do a detailed search.

    MOD#1174 - Daily/Monthly Statements - The Short and Long forms now use the "OKIDATA ML320/1 TURBO" driver instead of the "Okidata ML321 MicroLine" driver.

    MOD#1173 - Stock Paper Statements - added condition to check for whether "Show Unit Price" was checked on the

    print daily statements form. The Unit Price will no longer appear if it's unchecked.

    MOD#1172 - Navigation Form - Fixed the old bug from 6.81 where some of the buttons (i.e view customer, Invoices)

    would only work the first time and then would not respond to mouse clicks. The child form would not return

    the focus back to the calling button when it was closed. frmNavDaily, FrmCustomerMain, frmInvoices

    MOD#1171 - Invoice Setup - An option for 'Stock Paper' format has been added. This allows the invoices as well as

    the POS invoices to default to this option for laser printing of Stock (non pre-printed) invoices.

    MOD#1170 - Neptune Tickets - Font size has been changed and the blemish that displayed has been removed.

    MOD#1169 - Will Call Tickets - The Tab Order is set for the fields.

    MOD#1168 - Customer Setup - The search screen has been activated and accounts can be pulled up based on different

    search criteria. New code has been written and the binculars button on the form has been enabled. frmCustomer

    MOD#1167 - Will Call Tickets - If an unposted ticket already exists in the batch, a message is displayed to alert

    the user.

    MOD#1166 - Will Call Tickets - Added a button that allows the client to pull up an existing contract. If there isnt an

    existing contract, the button is disbaled.

    MOD#1165 - Will Call Tickets - The unit price field is highlighted in yellow unless a positive value is entered.

    MOD#1164 - Will Call Tickets - Now displays the contract details if the selected account has one. The status

    of the contract is displayed and any expired/exhausted fields are highlighted in red.

    MOD#1163 - Point Of Sale Invoices - With the "walk" button is selected and the transaction filled out pessing the

    print button brings up a message box asking for the salesperson to be entered before it can print. Added

    "Sales Person" drop down box that can be used to select the salesperson. frmInvoice

    MOD#1158 continued - "Generate Forecast List" - Modified ForecastFuel() in basFuelForecast to eliminate certain

    conditions where forecast is not generated for an account whose deliv date is passed or currently due

    MOD#1162 - Invoices preprinted - Based on client's assessment that the short statement Format Invoice

    was printing higher up than it used to, I reverted to the older form used in 6.96. The file was

    retrieved from the "Terra Gas-Oil 6.96 - 01-28-09" archive. rptFrmInvStmtShort321Turbo

    MOD#1161 - Sales Report "Trans by Code" printed sideways to Okidata. The report is set to portrait. (rptTransactionByCode2000)

    MOD#1148 continued - Post Tickets Batch Report has option for printing "Okidata Wide Carriage" (US Std Fanfold)

    and "Laser" (landscape)

    MOD#1153 continued - Sales And Adjustments - The 'Sub Total' has correct tab stop and is cleared after update.

    'MOD#1160 - Stock Paper Invoice - Set the Page Setup to 'Same As Detail' to eliminate incompatibility with some

    laser printers. rptModInvoiceLaser

    MOD#1159 - Print Batch List - The "print sales and adjustments batch" screen now has new radial buttons to allow for selecting the Okidata Wide Carriage or default for laser and other printers. frmPrintSalesAndPayment

    MOD#1158 - "Generate Forecast List" - In some cases a ticket would not be forecasted for an account which was

    due for a delivery ("Next Delivery" date in the customer setup->product info).

    MOD#1111 continued - 11" invoices from POS invoices or Daily Invoice (when 'Laser Printer' is checked in Customer

    Setup) now bring up the non pre-printed form rptFrmInvLongLaser instead of the Stock Paper Invoice.

    MOD#1157 - Stock Paper Invoice - Fixed the issue where the description field did not display/print. rptModInvoiceLaser

    MOD#1156 - "Active Accounts" - Created a radial button that will allow the report to either bring back all activity

    prior to the entered date (inactivity report) or after the entered date (activity report)

    rptInactiveAccounts, frmReportInactivity

    MOD#1155 - Service Calls - If the "Laser Printer" option was not selected, printing the workorder would produce

    an error or not print at all. This has been fixed.

    MOD#1146 - Revisited - Batch List Reports all print to default printer and in Portrait.

    MOD#1154 - Email Invoices/Statements as pdf. Created new Text Boxes in the Invoice/Statement Messages screen where a custom email subject can be entered. The following files have to be in the root QuickGas/Oil dir:

    > dynapdf.dll

    > StrStorage.dll

    This Project contains the following new modules: basReportToPDF & clsCommonDialog

    Also in tblReportInvoiceStmtMsgs Add MsgID's 12 (gID_STMT_EMAIL_SUBJECT) and 13 (gID_INV_EMAIL_SUBJECT) which CANT be NULL. These are inserted as the email Subject.




TerraGAS Version 6.96 - Released June 3rd, 2008

List of Fixes

  • 1 -   'Customer List' report: "Export Data to excel" functionality is fixed
          Reports\Lists\"Customer List"

    2 -   Customer Accounts can now be deleted
          Setup Customer-delete

    3 -   (TerraGAS) Values entered in 'start pressure' field of the equipment-gascheck module are
          now correctly saved and no longer zeroed automatically

    4 -   'Setup Customer' screen comes up centered
          Customers->Setup Customer

    5 -   Service Notes are now correctly saved and not gone the next time the record is pulled up
          Setup Customer\Site Information-Service Notes
    6 -   Office Notes are now correctly saved and not gone the next time the record is pulled up
          Setup Customer\Site Information-Office Notes

    7 -   Fixed the issue w/the 'Print Setup' in the 'File' menu crashing the system. 'Page Setup'
          is now on the file menu  File->Print Setup

    8 -   The 'Messages' module has been fixed. The menu (Nav daily) always showed that
          "there is one message" regardless of whether there were any.

    9 -   The export to Delorme Street Atlas functionality has been rewritten and allows easy exporting
          of TerraGas/Oil data which can then be mapped and a route created.

    10 -    Tickets - Liquid Control Forms now show/print the early pay discount on a separate line and
          right below the   itemized transactions (no longer in the comments field)

    11  -   Clicking on the print button in the "point of sale invoices" screen gives a report engine error
          and fails to print the invoice.  These same error comes up after the post button is pressed
          and the user selects 'yes' to printing the invoice.

    12 -    11" Invoices w/preprinted paper printed incorrectly (didnt show service date and account number)
          and per client's request the tax total appears at bottom of invoice instead of per item.

    13 -    Invoices showed the 2 address line incorrectly. Basically repeated the 1st line of address twice.

    14 -    Changed the default Printer for Neptune and Midcom forms to "OKIDATA ML 320/1 Turbo" instead of

    15 -    POS invoices now print whatever form is selected in the "Invoice Setup" and dont default to the short form.

    16 -    The liquid control form "rptTicketLiquidNew" was modified to fit properly on the actual ticket printout.
          The whole form was shifted over to the right by 1/2 inch and the controls were redesigned.

    17 -    Generic Ticket (rptTicketGeneric2000) form was fixed to fit the balance better. It was being truncated. 

    18 -    Fixed the Statement Long Form (okidata - pre printed). The report fit on one page now.

    19 -    7" Invoices and Stmt/Invoices print out correctly and no longer default to the 11" format.

    20 -    Fixed the issue w/Invoices showing the 2nd line for the address incorrectly (repeated the 1st line of address twice).

    21 -  POS invoices now print whatever form is selected in the "Invoice Setup" and dont default to the short form.

    22 -  The Drop date for liquid control tickets was being truncated in certain cases.

    23 -  Printing a Work Order in the "Service Orders" module now prints the selected equipment on the bottom of the
          printout. (Note: The Hardware has to appear in the "Hardware" field of the "General Information" section in
          order for it to print)

    24 -  A preview button has been added to the "Service Orders" module allowing the workorder to be previewed on the screen.

    25 -  The "Ticket Setup" form has new option for showing both Tank Size and Delivery History. The option only appears
          for the "G - Generic" form and "N - Neptune".

    26 -    The "last statement date" in Customer Setup is automatically set to "01/01/80" for all newly created accounts. This
          fixes problems w/printing tickets or invoicing immediately after a new account has been created.

    27 -  The Office and Service notes are now saved in the initial setup of new accounts and are persistant.

    28 -  Delivery Notes are now saved in the initial setup of new accounts.

    29 -    Mail Merge to MS Works is fixed an functioning correctly.

    30 -  "Postcards - Single" print correctly w/Okidata 320/1 and the Due Date is no longer truncated.

    31 -  The Batch list in cash receipts always defaulted to the 320/1 turbo and printed incorrectly. Fixed to take the
          default printer and modified to print in landscape.

    32 -    Systems w/network printer (remote) defaulted to the local copy of the driver for oki instead of the
          //server printer port for Neptune Tickets.

    33 -    Some of the text on the Neptune Tickets printout were printing in bold. Turns out that all
          Changed all to use the Courier 10pt font and the boldness is alleviated.

    34 -  Changed the Margins for Service Order Printouts (rptFrmServiceLaser) so that it fits on 1 page w/oki ML420

    35 -  Sales report By Product was defaulting to landscape and wide margins. Changed the margins and orientation
          so that it fits one page (landscape)

    36 -  Customer List Report (Delivery & Forecast Type H)) caused an error when the streetnum contained
          characters (i.e. 7th).

    37 -  The Early Pay Discount (Ticket Form "L") was using the forecasted date for the calculation  of "paid by"
          date. It's now using the Print date + discount days

    38 -  The (Delivery Date, Account No, Terms, Reference , Purchase Order No., Release No.) did not appear on
          the non stock paper version of invoices

    39 -    Fixed the functionality when "tax" is selected in invoice setup so that the sales tax name lines up under
          the "description" and the tax amount under the "amount".

    40 -  When the "print statements format" is checked in "Invoice Setup", "previous balance" appears in bold instead
          of "current balance" and the previous balance amount lines up under the item amount in bold. The statement
          "ending balance after above transactions" appears correctly in the report footer When this option is selected.

    41 -  The Invoice Footer Message appears correctly and the number of characters that can be entered is increased to 249.

    42 -  Fixed the bug where in some cases fields appeared/printed on top of one another in the Midcom Form.

    43 -    The 'anniversary date' in the customer setup screen can now be edited/modified.

    44 -  Filtering by product and forecast type is available in the Customer List Report.

    45 -  The Inventory Product Report now prints in landscape and w/legal size paper so that it can all fit on 1 page.
            This default setting can be overwritten in "Page Setup"

    46 -    Improved the Stock Paper invoice forms: Company Name has been placed in a resizable subform (looks much better),
          amounts line up better and Borders and boxes are better aligned.

    47 -  Bulk Rate Post Cards printed incorrectly (Skipped pages) going back to 6.24.

    48 -  Fixed bug with unassigning products and multiple products in the customer setup->products screen.

    49 -  2nd Contact field in Customer Setup saves and is editable.

    50 -  "Last Statement Date" appears in the Customer Setup screen and is editable.

    52 -  Ticket Form Liquid Control was enhanced so that the dd and julian day vals dont get truncated anymore.

    53 -  In Ticket Control->Post Tickets screen, the Delivery Date would no longer be reset to today's date.

    55 -  The Daily Delivery Report was sorting on 'entrydate' instead of 'delivdate'. The report was setup for portrait
          and so didnt fit on one page. The Delivery Date is now placed before the 'entry date' on the printout.

    56 -  The value displayed as the 'Last Delivery Date' in both customer setup and view customer screen was the entry date
          instead of the delivery date. This has been fixed in several places in the program that were effected by it.

    57 -  The Delivery List report now shows the balance for each account being delivered to.